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Ranger Elf

Mwuahaha! I have finally caught up on my #RetweetRewards! Here is @theweltzer20’s avatar, a Ranger Elf.

Which means, now that my life isn’t horribly crazy busy, #RetweetRewards are opening up again!

Also, I’m participating in Comic Creators For Freedom drive this year. All money donated goes to Love 146, an organization that works toward the abolition of child sex slavery and exploitation through Prevention and Aftercare programs. Everyone who donates money gets a nifty wallpaper with artwork from ┬áthe 167 participating comic creators. If you have money to spare, I ask that you consider donating some to help children in need.

For all people who donate via my campaign page, I will send you an exclusive Tavern Wenches wallpaper, to be sent later this month.


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