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Sooooo life has been crazy for me lately. As in with work, and I haven’t been able to get much done, including this comic, and my other comic Monster Markup Manual, (the comic for which has been sitting half finished on my computer for like two weeks now, and every time I sit down to try and work on it, something comes up).

So the something that came up this weekend was Ludum Dare, which I’ve participated in before, although last time it was from an art capacity only.

So I decided since I haven’t really been doing a lot of person coding lately, or art for that matter, I was going to try it again this weekend. Last time I did the JAM, which meant I was allowed to work with others and we had 72 hours to make a game. This time I went with the compo, which gives you only 48 hours to make an entire game from scratch, and you have to create everything art, sound, code, the works.

And I did it. And I managed to actually create a game. Which is huge for me, since every time I’ve tried to make a game for the compo before I failed miserably. It’s about space, it takes like five minutes to play through the game, but I hope you’ll check it out.

And I swear, there will be a new Tavern Wenches comic up next Monday.


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