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Lulu likes planning sessions. She hasn’t had one in while.

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    • Sarah
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      I ended up opting for just regular speech bubbles because people were having a hard time figuring out if others understood him or not. He’s been non bubble talking since the Monster Game Night.

    • Number 6
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      It sure does look that way – now that you’ve pointed it out I can’t unsee it!! – but if you look at the 3rd panel of the previous week’s strip, you can see it’s his legs.

  • toxiceye
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    Just started reading, sorry I’m late to the party. I too debated whether kitty was talking or being understood. However, I assumed that was sorta the point, or part of it, and took it as an open ended thingy that wasn’t supposed to be answered.

    Good comic, glad I found it.

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