I’m Getting Drunk!

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Next time you pull this in your game, remember this is how you look to your tavern wench.

This is the original version of this strip, and how it looked originally when it was first posted. A redux version shall be replacing it soon.

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  • Charles
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    Yay! The Dead Alewives skit! I first heard that on the “Summoner geeks” video and it’s been a favorite of mine ever since.

  • Alex
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    This comic is making me squee, and the reference to the famous skit has me trying to stifle guffaws so I don’t wake up my husband.

    One of my favorite gaming-related memories remains to this day being in a World of Darkness (OWOD — this was before NWOD existed) LARP at GenCon and having a solemn court-style gathering COMPLETELY derailed by someone at the back of the room responding to the inevitable “What are you going to do?” line with “I cast Magic Missile at the Darkness!” Watching hundreds of LARPers all fall apart laughing, and then struggle to get back into oh-so-serious character, was an incredibly memorable experience. The skit remains quoteworthy and has withstood the test of time remarkably well, too.

    I love what you are doing so far. What a fantastic concept for a comic, and you’re executing it beautifully!

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