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This is based on Lestor, a character in my Pathfinder group. Alas, he thinks that he is a people person, but often ends up causing more harm in his attempts at diplomacy than good.

Seriously, some (otherwise friendly) princess challenged him to a duel because he failed at diplomacy so badly.

That being said, having a low Charisma score can lead to some pretty hilarious role playing, and Lestor’s player does a pretty good job at it.

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  • mrtt
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    Charisma is very much a dump stat. The only thing it does is give +1 to social skills per 2 points. Intelligence on the other hand lets you max out another skill per 2 points. And there are a LOT of talking skills you need to invest in.

    The break even point is level 3. afterwards intelligence will surpass charisma in social skills. By quite a large margin too if you do even minimal minmaxing. Not to mention that the bonus from going from 8 cha to 14 cha is trivial with the way the skill system works

  • cosmic mimic
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    charisma is a very fun stat when invested in. you can occasionally talk your friends into doing some very funny stuff. however I have for the most part only played 1st and 5th edition D&D and have never played pathfinder before.

    • mrtt
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      @cosmic mimic : You are not supposed to use diplomacy and the like on your fellow players.
      In fact, rules explicitly state that player characters are not valid targets for those. (in all the editions I checked)

      • Sarah
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        In our games, we typically decide if we want to roll for diplomacy, or just outright state if we believe/don’t believe the other person. We’ll roll if we think the results might be funny/interesting from a story perspective.

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