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And we’re back!!!

I apologize for the bit of the impromptu hiatus that occurred over the past few months. This summer and early fall were a bit hectic for me. I decided I wanted to focus my professional career in a different direction (I’m a software developer), which let to a job change and the decision to start speaking at web development conferences around the US. As I result, I obviously fell behind on this comic (and Monster Markup Manual), as I attempted to try and balance my new workload with my old one. However, I think I’ve managed to readjust after a few months of chaos and I’m back with your regularly scheduled comic!

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  • toxiceye
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    I only just found you, so for me the wait was only from late August or so. ‘s good though!

  • Maju
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    So… she “went NPC”? I don’t think we knew that before. Also, how do you do that? I’m assuming that she was a PC before, what else?

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