Tavern Wenches Cast - A Need For Mead
Veronica - Tavern Wenches


As former Damsel in Distress in an Official Module, the experience left Veronica jaded and slightly homicidal when it came to PCs. Needing a job and a place to live after one too many ‘accidental’ PC deaths, Veronica got a job at “A Need For Mead” as the newest Tavern Wench.

Lulu - Tavern Wenches


Lulu is the owner, bar tender, and quest giver of “A Need For Mead.” She has an obsession with accessories and dressing up for role playing. She dreams of one day opening her own brewery.

Anita - Tavern Wenches


Anita is the cook for “A Need for Mead.” A practicing cleric for the Goddess Flatula, Anita typically takes a “Avoid When Possible” approach to PCs.

Mr Tiny - Tavern Wenches

Mr. Tiny

The grouchy, put upon feline probation officer in charge of making sure Veronica doesn’t kill any more PCs. In theory, he works for Management.

Management - Tavern Wenches


The NPC puppet master, disrupting everyone’s lives for the PC’s satisfaction.

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