Brief Hiatus

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So you may have noticed the past few weeks updates have been a bit sparse. Work has been crazy lately, and when it’s not work it’s family stuff, and while I could probably easily do a one shot “What not to Say to a Wench,” I don’t want that taking away from the actual storyline I’m trying to do.

Which is why I’ve come to the decision to put Tavern Wenches on a brief hiatus of one month, to return April 6th. This will give me the time I need to catch up on the work I need to do, and also hopefully build a bit of a buffer for Tavern Wenches so we don’t have to deal with these constant interruptions when life inevitably happens.

I want to thank all of you for being patient, and we’ll return with much wench filled goodness in April!

Cast of Tavern Wenches

#RetweetReward – @theweltzer20

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Ranger Elf

Mwuahaha! I have finally caught up on my #RetweetRewards! Here is @theweltzer20’s avatar, a Ranger Elf.

Which means, now that my life isn’t horribly crazy busy, #RetweetRewards are opening up again!

Also, I’m participating in Comic Creators For Freedom drive this year. All money donated goes to Love 146, an organization that works toward the abolition of child sex slavery and exploitation through Prevention and Aftercare programs. Everyone who donates money gets a nifty wallpaper with artwork from  the 167 participating comic creators. If you have money to spare, I ask that you consider donating some to help children in need.

For all people who donate via my campaign page, I will send you an exclusive Tavern Wenches wallpaper, to be sent later this month.

#RetweetReward – @amarthis

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Death has D20 Eyes

I’ve started offering up a free social avatar to a random person who retweets the comic on twitter. In the future I shall try to expand this to Tumblr and possibly Facebook (although I suspect the later may be a bit harder to track).

This week @amarthis won on Twitter and selected “skull” as his award avatar. So here it is!