Missing Wench

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Sorry for the delayed update, last week the office plague decided to hit me, and when that didn’t happen I had a headache that made looking at a computer difficult.

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  • Berpol
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    That poster could be interpreted that she missing because of an order from management.

  • Maju
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    Yeah, doesn’t say anything about “dead or alive” or how many GPs (exp even!) are we getting as reward for returning her.

    • DLKmusic
      | Reply |

      I’ll do it for free, if Bianca will…..

      Wait, she’ll throw me out of the tower window if I say that….

  • Browser
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    @Number 6:
    It certainly seems that way. I’d love to see a return but I’m guessing that, based on the 14 month gap, this is the final. We still have the memories though!

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