Missing Wench

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Sorry for the delayed update, last week the office plague decided to hit me, and when that didn’t happen I had a headache that made looking at a computer difficult.

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  • Berpol
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    That poster could be interpreted that she missing because of an order from management.

  • Maju
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    Yeah, doesn’t say anything about “dead or alive” or how many GPs (exp even!) are we getting as reward for returning her.

    • DLKmusic
      | Reply |

      I’ll do it for free, if Bianca will…..

      Wait, she’ll throw me out of the tower window if I say that….

  • Browser
    | Reply |

    @Number 6:
    It certainly seems that way. I’d love to see a return but I’m guessing that, based on the 14 month gap, this is the final. We still have the memories though!

      • Sarah
        | Reply |

        Hopefully I get my act together by 2019. . .
        #2018Goals #NotGonnaPromiseThoSinceWeSawHowIFailedAtThatLastTime

        (New Tavern Wenches art can be found on Instagram, since I guess that’s what the kids use these days)

  • Mr Alan Jackson
    | Reply |

    Only just found this comic – and it’s in hiatus hell! Please talk to us, Sarah – or at least, wave goodbye!

    • Sarah
      | Reply |

      I’m glad you liked the comic! Life got a bit life-y over the past few years, thus hiatus hell, although I am working on bringing this back. At this point I’m not going to announce a promised date, just state that “I am working on it.” I’ve been posting Tavern Wenches art over on instagram if you want to check it out (I hear it’s what the young kids do these days).

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